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Big Thanks to Spotify 

...for adding BIG HAT to two of their Spotify sponsored playlists. "Feather In The Breeze" on Funky Heavy Bluesy and "Delilah" on It's A Southern Thing. Incredible response to both w "Feather" approaching 400k plays, "Delilah" just crossing 52k. Very big "thanks" to Spotify's listeners.

Where's BIG HAT?? 

Ok...As you probably have figured, BIG HAT remains dormant for the moment....But we'll be back!
We should kick back up in one way or another in the fall. In the meantime, a heartfelt "Thank you" to all who have purchased audio CD's or downloads of our debut EP.

What are we up to?...Audley, Robert Fred and I are touring with Sheryl Crow, as we have been steadily over the past 2 1/2 years. 

Ike Stubblefield has been making records and touring the US and UK. 

Keith Gattis has penned songs for Kenny Chesney, Randy Travis, George Strait & Willie Nelson as well as producing many artists. Every blue moon, Gattis jumps up onstage at an East Nashville haunt here & there. 

Audley organizes Sons of Zevon shows at the Family Wash. He also played in January with Gregg Allman & Friends at Fox Theater, Atlanta


Thanks again for your interest and continuously checking in. We'll keep in touch. - Peter